Cliché - Crochet Denim Shirt

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Bringing back the art of crocheting.

These were introduced by Mrs. Phelps in 1885.
A granny square is a square piece of fabric that is created through the process of crocheting in rounds, starting from the centre and working outward, typically using clusters to stitch.
This crochet technique produces a fabric that is traditionally handmade and it cannot be produced by machine.
It takes over 4-5 days to produce one of these. Each piece is meticulously crafted by the artisans, therefore this being instinctive and manual work of art there might be a few changes in the colour combinations. No two pieces will look identical.
This is made out of cotton blend yarn. This cotton denim shirt is made by strategically with an asymmetric placket stitched with hand knitted crochet sleeve by using over 80+ granny squares. No machine is involved in the process.
Please allow us 2-3 weeks for delivery. We’re happy to dispatch earlier(1-2 days) if it is already in stock.

Wash care:  Dry clean | Gentle Handwash

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