Our Materials

Procured ethically and undergoing extensive quality checks, our materials are environment friendly. Bamboo, Viscose, Linen, Hemp, Organic Cotton.

Rejected materials

Up-cycling at Tiger and Twig represents a close stitch between form, function and sustenance, where once thought waste fabrics can now experience a new purpose.

Our Process

Step 1

Tiger and twig work with collected dead stocks and factory rejects which normally otherwise are destined to end up in the landfills.

Step 2

The design team embraces the articles that didn't make the cut and reworks on the pieces individually depending upon the fabrics calibre.

Step 3

The execution of every piece is done by our talented team of local artisans who are paid according to the intensity and detail of the design.

Step 4

Finally the reincarnated garment is up for sale.

Step 5

Upon purchase, each piece is disinfected, enveloped in recycled packaging and shipped out with a lot of thought and love.

Why Upcycle

Despite by the industries [after annually] 150 billion items of clothing produced annually, closed-loop technology is far from 100% effectuality. So while we wait for the technology to save us, why not upscale upcycling instead? It’s the best bet we’ve got to still make wonderful clothes whilst slowing down the industry.

Our Practices

  • We avoid using single-use plastic.
  • We always try using recycled paper wherever and whenever possible.
  • Most of our stationery is eco friendly.
  • We minimise our water usage.
  • Minimal chemical and carbon emissions in the process of making.
  • We use biodegradable and recycled packaging.
  • We use separate bins to segregate our waste.
  • And mainly, we are always working towards adding to this list.
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