In the process we realised a few things which helped us shape our brand Tiger and Twig with a legal name Green Grid:

  • You can’t change everything at once.
  • Accessibility and affordability play a very big role.
  • These terms “zero waste” or “minimalist” should be taken as guidelines. If you are seeing them as an absolute you might disappoint yourself.
  • Find a substitute. And if you can’t seem to let go of it make a few extra changes in another part of your life instead of completely giving up.

In a nutshell, this brand was created to make you feel excited about making these transitions without having to change your lifestyle. It all started by the thought of starting somewhere.

We want to create more awareness and accessibility without being too preachy or taking away from your lifestyle.

It's an effort normalise the use of sustainable products in your day to day life by providing alternatives which look and feel just as good. We don’t claim to be perfect, but we claim to be trying every single day to make this brand as sustainable as possible. We are also in a learning process about sustainability and the idea is to keep learning and implementing. It's one step at a time towards making more mindful choices.

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