So we’re finally adding another vertical to Tiger and Twig. As a brand we mostly resort to guirella style shooting. We have been getting a lot of questions on our travel/shoots. As promised we are here to answer your questions based on our experiences related to Eco- Travel.Since we do most of our product shoots on our holidays we thought why not take y’all along and support our sustainable community and give them a shoutout.We intend to keep this a very to the point blog without any biased opinions.

PS : We are no travel agents, we are just sharing our experiences of those particular day/days we spent in a particular weather. We will try and give you as much information,recommendations And some dos and donts as per our experiences. In no way are we trying to convince you to visit the place, we are just sharing our experience. The aim for the blog is to support and create more awareness about sustainable properties incase you’re planning a trip . So this ones for our fellow travel enthusiates who’d like to their bit while exploring 🙂


Glamp eco is located in Hampta Pass which is a village above Manali. Coming from Bombay snow is a big deal and we were lucky to witness it in this very unique co-working/leisure eco stay tucked in the middle of snow capped mountains. GLAMPING = “glamorous camping” as they like to call it, and we agree!



  • Flight from Mumbai> Chandigarh since direct flight to Manali wasn’t available due to cover restrictions. ( You can also fly to Dharamshala )
  • 10 hours drive to Chandigarh from Manali.
  • After a nights rest in Manali, we headed from Manali to Hampta pass which is about 45mins from the city.
  • Since we were visiting during snow we were advised to book a 4 x 4 provided by the stay with a to-fro  fee.


We visited during the month of November which marks the start of snow season, but its not always heavily snowing during November. Snow season lasts till march, and its pretty intense in the months of late December to February.

We’re looking forward to revisit the place in monsoon because we’ve heard of the the clouds are the most dramatic during monsoon. 



They have mud rooms, 3 geodesic domes currently ( 4 more are coming up), a co-working cafe like space with some amazing views. And another cafe has just come up, unfortunately it was in process while we were visiting, but its ready now.

  • We stayed in the Geodesic dome no. 3 which was flowing above the clouds with a the best view.
  • They have amazing food. Be rest assured you will not starve yourself.
  • For other stays you can check their website.


  • We stayed 3 nights, because they already had bookings lined up.
  • But we made friends there who were staying for more than 25days or a month and they seemed like they were having a great time working from there.
  • So if you’re going for a leisure trip, we recommend a minimum of 2-3 nights.

And if you’re looking to work from the mountains, you can definitely get in touch directly with the property and ask them if they can work out a good deal for a long stay.

WIFI is pretty decent but only available in the co working cafe space if you’re going to work from the property.

Do’s –

  • Book a day in the city of Manali and then head to the property on the next day, so you have a full day in the property.
  • If you feel like exploring around do visit Kalza Cafe 10 mins away from the place, owned by an adorable old couple.
  • You can also visit Sethan village, which is above hamper pass.
  • Considering the temperature, do carry thick jackets, warm clothes. Don’t forget to pack your boots because the weather is not suitable for our regular shoes-in case 
  • you don’t wanna spend much ask GlampEco’s team for it they will provide you free of cost.
  • Try their local Litchi & Plum wines.
  • Carry a Dongal if you’re going to work, just incase the wi-fi decides to fluctuate.
  • Please carry an electric heat pad if you’re travelling there during the snow Season, thank us later.
  • As this place is becoming popular day by day, the rooms are filling faster. If you are planning a visit do book it in advance. We would suggest you to call and inquire beforehand.

Don’t –

  • The electricity is not always that great because this place runs on solar power, the most important running hot water is not a regular running thing mostly depending on the weather.
  • During the snow season book a geo dome for the experience and not for the view alone, because sometimes the view does get blocked by heavy snowfall and you have to wait for the snow to melt to see the view.
  • Avoid heavy eating (we know the food is great) but looking at the altitude don’t fill yourself to guts. Eat light whenever you are traveling around.

And if you’re in Manali DONT miss the experience of staying at this magical place with mind blowing views.

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